Dry Apron Belt Conveyor


The Apron-Belt-Conveyor InoDRY developed by Micontec GmbH is the innovative solution for dry conveying of hot materials.

The InoDRY is used as a Dry Ash Conveyor for cooling and conveying of combustion residues of fossil fired power stations and waste incineration plants. The InoDRY is also used for conveying of hot goods of any kind.

With regard to reliability, durability and robustness the InoDRY is setting standards and fulfills the highest requirements in terms of environmental protection and conservation of resources due to its water-free operation.

Due to only minor rolling friction on the supporting rollers and the other components, located protected from the material to be conveyed, the InoDRY presents considerable key advantages compared to its competitors.

From the outside removable, lifetime lubricated supporting rollers in combination with impact tables, able to absorb single weights of more than 5.0 t, make the InoDRY to a guarantor for a trouble-free plant operation.

Due to the possible large layer heights, with the InoDRY both, voluminous and quantitative highest capacities can be transported at very low speeds. Conveyor widths up to 4 meters and capacities of well over 100 t / hour are no problem for the InoDRY. Because of its self-cleaning belt no additional cleaning chain or similar facility is needed.

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